Storytime With Jo-Anne Ray


Every MPubber, and every member of  Publishing@SFU knows Jo-Anne. She’s been involved with MPub since it’s inception and the program has, in multiple ways, been built into what it is now through her consistent efforts.

We wouldn’t be here if not for Jo-Anne and no MPub anniversary is complete without her and her hilarious stories. So we took an afternoon to chat and have immortalized some of her terrific tales for you here.

Highlights include the horrific mismatching of attire, some unjust manhandling, a CCTV’d party, and Monday-morning debriefing.

A transcript of these stories is available here.

Program manager Jo-Anne Ray

The road that led to working in the SFU publishing department.

How does beer end up in a filing cabinet, forgotten for months?

You can bet on Jo-Anne to know these things.

Sometimes, sweaty feet are a sacrifice you have to make for fashion.

Let’s reminisce about publishing parties until we can have another!

There are no rules if Jo-Anne says it’s okay.

Jo-Anne exercises her newfound security know-how.