Happy 25th anniversary, everyone! It’s hard to believe it’s been a quarter of a century; it seems like just a few years back that we all began. But in truth, MPub has been part of my life for almost all of those 25 years. Way back in the day, Celia Duthie of Duthie Books wagged her finger at me and said, “You should go look into that new Masters program they’re starting up at Harbour Centre.” And I did! I was part of the first official  cohort (1995), and it kind of goes without saying that it changed my life. After I finished, Rowly Lorimer and Ron Woodward didn’t let me stray too far away and soon they had me back as a guest, and then a sessional instructor, and soon enough (2004) a full faculty member.

I have often said that the MPub is like family—when it works well (which is, in my lengthy experience, almost always the case) it’s like a good family, and when it’s not quite on, it’s maybe a bit like a holiday you can’t wait to end! I shouldn’t say that, because really, it’s been a wonderful extended family for me—with so many amazing people— over all these years. We’ve learned and done so many great things together in MPub, and you have all gone on to do even more amazing things on your own. Part of the fun of this 25th anniversary project has been tracking down and cataloguing where you’ve all gone and what you’re up to: a dizzying array of things within the publishing industry and well beyond.

Originally, we had planned a couple of big parties to celebrate this milestone, and it would have been fun to bump into old friends with a glass in hand. But the pandemic put that plan on ice. Monique Sherrett had the bright idea that we could celebrate with a publication, and I think this is an even better idea. You can join us with a glass in hand if you like, but we do hope you’ll peruse the materials we’re gathering here. Let your mind wander back to your own MPub memories, and maybe share some with us; this anniversary publication can continue to grow as we read and think and share.

I hope it will be possible to throw a party or two at some point, and to see you in person for a hug and a proper toast to this quarter century!

Hope to hear from you all,

MPub Director 2014 – 2020


Two paper cranes

On the Scale of Paper Cranes

"Intense. And short. That’s what MPub is. It’s like going down a roller coaster; one moment you’re screaming and crying and the next moment it’s over."

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